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1965 Pontiac Banshee model car

Pontiac was a brand established by General Motors in 1926 to be manufactured alongside the company’s Oakland brand. By 1933 Pontiac had completely surpassed Oakland in terms of popularity and sales, prompting GM to discontinue the Oakland brand altogether. Pontiac was then transitioned to be the companion brand to Chevrolet. Pontiac cars were very popular for budget minded drivers in both the United States and Canada throughout the brand’s lifetime. However, financial troubles at GMC during the last decade prompted the company to discontinue the brand in 2010.

1969 pontiac archives

The fact that Pontiac no longer exists means it’s not possible to give concrete and accurate estimates for car insurance. In fact, if you’re searching for cheap car insurance for your Pontiac what you’ll pay really will depend on the age and condition of the car you’re driving. If you purchased a Pontiac in its final model year it’s quite possible you still have outstanding loan payments to make. In such a case you’re probably also paying for collision and comprehensive coverage as required by your bank.

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Once your bank loan is paid off you’ll be able to drop that coverage in favor of a more affordable car insurance premium. If you’ve invest a lot of money in upgrading your Pontiac you may want to keep collision and comprehensive even after bank was paid off. Otherwise, the Blue Book value of your car suggests it’s probably not worth keeping the extra coverage as your car ages.

1969 Pontiac GTO Judge

If your Pontiac is more than five or six years old your best bet is to purchase just liability if cheap car insurance is a goal you’re trying to reach. Liability insurance is all that’s required by law. The only thing you need to be aware of is the fact that liability coverage does not protect you against damage to your car in an accident you cause. It protects you against liability assessed to you for injuries or property damage caused to other drivers and their passengers.

2007 pontiac g6

Unfortunately, liability insurance does not go down in price along with your car’s value. With liability coverage the value of your car is irrelevant because your price is based on factors like your driving record, your age and marital status, and where you live. Suffice it to say that while liability coverage is cheap car insurance, you are assuming some measure of personal financial risk if all you purchase is the minimum amount allowed by law. In either case be sure to compare multiple quotes from several companies if you want the best deal on affordable car insurance for your Pontiac.

2007 pontiac solstice gxp


Pontiac car

red pontiac gto car
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