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Mazda and its “Zoom Zoom” philosophy has always put performance and fun above everything else. According to Mazda IN, the design of Mazda vehicles seamlessly convey that character. Perhaps this is best personified in the flowing Nagare design theme. But soon Mazda will feature a new design language, but the sportiness isn’t going anywhere.

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“Nagare is done,” said Peter Birtwhistle, Mazda of Europe’s British design boss. “After the 5, it’s highly unlikely that there will be another Nagare car. Mazda has moved on.”

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Manchester Mazda said Nagare was developed by Mazda’s former design head Laurens van den Acker and has only been executed fully in one vehicle, the Mazda5.

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According to Birtwhistle, Mazda’s new design chief, Ikuo Maeda, is aiming for a more “Japanese Alfa Romeo” design theme for its vehicles. The goal is to maintain the aggressiveness of the Nagare design theme, but ultimately provides a more practical design for a wide range of vehicles.

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A new design language will be chosen through an internal contest among designers. The winning design will then be featured at the Paris Motor Show, where the name of the new design language will also be announced.

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Mazda rebound in the history may not be as rich and some other Japanese brands, but Mazda Australia is willing to the public. They travel eighth targa Tasmania, held from April 15 to 20, will use a new Mazda Ministry of Public Security Rally Car.

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Mazda car Huang horsley the leading group of Bates and Rick McRae and their cooperation alister drivers will compete in the braking performance and two drive showroom competition. Targa Tasmania car assembly must be rules that are mostly standard, which means that drivers will be the theme of automotive sound system, electric windows and carpets and upholstery filing. Additional safety equipment (roll cage, five-point governance and fire extinguishers), as well as navigation equipment and additional brake ventilation, in the process of installation.

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“The team learned a lot of things from last year’s event,” Betts said. “Mazda with the Ministry of Public Security in a targa under our belt, we have a lot of education, and conservation of the vehicle during the incident.” The targa Tasmania covers 2,000 km over five days of competition.

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Mazda 3 of the Ministry of Public Security Rally Car is powered by a 2.3-liter direct injection, turbocharged four-cylinder engine producing 190 kilowatts (255 hp) and 380 Nm of torque, and coupled with a six-speed manual. It weighs 1,403 kilograms and uses 320 mm ventilated brake at the front and 280 solid discs in the rear.
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