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One of the most significant brands in performance and sports vehicles are the Lotus cars. Lotus cars were created by a British automaker that has been in the car industry for over 60 years. These cars started and has always been related to professional car racing. As a matter of fact, most car experts would agree that Formula 1 would not exist without the Lotus name. However, the automaker has experienced tough times and has been in the brink of disappearing more than once.

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Lotus is more than just an automaker, it serves as a status symbol. The name itself inspires greatness inside and outside the world of car racing. Although it suffered several bankruptcies and shutting downs, the Lotus name was carried over by some of its new owners. All throughout the history, Lotus was passed on from one owner to another. This includes General Motors in 1986, ACBN Holdings in 1993 which is controlled by an Italian businessman Romano Artioli who also owns Bugatti Automobili SpA, Proton in 1996, and finally the Lotus Group International Limited who took over the company in 2007.

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All throughout the history of this company, its production was centered in fewer car models that are redesigned every year. It started with the Elite in the 1950′s, followed by the Cortina in the 1960′s, and the Elan in the earlier periods of the 1970′s. However, the most significant car produced by this automaker was created in 1975 when the famous Italian designer Giugiaro designed the “Esprit” and presented its prototype at the Paris Auto Show.

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In 1995 Lotus unveiled the “Elise” which is the best selling Lotus car . This is a sports car created for middle class drivers with a budget below $40,000 dollars. This was followed by the “Exige” which was unveiled at the Geneva autoshow in 2004. Finally, Lotus created and introduced the “Evora” in 2008.

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Lotus cars has been linked to some of the most famous race car drivers in the world like Stirling Moss, Jim Clark, Mario Andretti, Nigel Mansell, Ayrton Senna and Nelson Piquet.

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Even James Bond took part in making these cars a legend by using the “Esprit” in a Bond film entitled “The Spy Who Loved Me”. This movie gave Lotus the needed push and promotion in the 70′s when it was launched on screen.

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