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Official information about the standard line of the cars from Lincoln is not reported, because some changes are going to happen soon, as we can expect. But we can assume that one of the future models is also going to be like the prototype of the Ford Focus, because the research shows that the car of this type is going to be greatly popular in the market. Thus the platform of the new model that is going to be added to the line of the Lincoln cars receives the legendary Focus pre-face and also the turbocharged EcoBoost unit of the family of engines with direct injection.

Lincoln Town Car

In addition, the Group intends to design a Ford car with the Lincoln style, so as they say more refined and modern and give them a good handling, coupled with comfort. Most of the models of “Lincoln” will have motors EcoBoost (including SUV Navigator), and all of them will be with active suspension and a new entertainment system.

Lincoln Town Car

Currently Lincoln line of models consists of six models: sedans MKS, MKZ, and Town Car, MKX crossover and MKT, SUV Navigator. The first step to bring to market new products will release seven restyled version of MKX. The car will have approximately U.S. dealers by the end of 2013, reports the major car magazine.

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As the last hurrah for the Grand Dame of traditional American full-sized luxury cars, the last Lincoln Town Car rolled off the assembly line on August 29th, 2011 (as a 2011 model). The great lady went quietly into the night without any fanfare or announcement from Ford. The Town Car has one on the industries most loyal customer base and it will be interesting to see how the transition will be to the other Lincoln models.

lincoln car

The Town Car was first introduced as a high-end, well-equipped optional model of the full-sized Lincoln Continental for 1969. After 42 years, the retirement of the Lincoln Town Car marks an end to an era of traditional American full-sized luxury cars. The Town Car is a perennial favorite of luxo-car owners (even with Ford trying to kill it off earlier, as it has had no national advertisement promotion since 2005 and recently has been starved of popular options - making them no longer, and in some cases, never available (can you say "Sync Technology" on the Town Car?). For Town Car buyers, Lincoln has positioned the current Lincoln MKS model as the Town Car replacement.

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Picture of the frontal view of new Lincoln car
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