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Rens Eli Olds, who gathered first three-wheeled steam-powered car to 1891 years, began to produce cars with petrol power unit in 1896. In 1898 S.L.Smit, prosperous merchant of timber, purchased gasoline engine factory of Olds. At the turn of the century «Olds» has reached a high level of sales by making a long series of carriages with motors. In 1904, Olds left the company and started his own car company «Reo». Subsequent models, mostly large sedans were not a success. The company «Oldsmobile», faced with large financial problems, was acquired in 1908 by the concern of General Motors.

Oldsmobile Aerotech concept

As the car of "lux» class the car of Oldsmobile Limited was not much a successful the company moved on to the production of more compact models in next coming years. in the 50 -s the Rocket 88 sedan with a futuristic design of the body, made his successful debut so there was a significant break away from the competitors. New technologies were introduced into the production process in 1966. The result of it was a sporty car, which was first established an automatic transmission.


In early 2003, the company ceased to produce quite a popular mid-size sedan Inrigue. By mid-2004, out of the race became the Silhouette minivan and a compact sedan of Alero. In 2005, the last Aurora car has left the assembly line. New Oldsmobile Bravada SUV would last until 2007, and then would be produced under a different brand of the General Motors concern.


The urgency of the changes that the directorship of the GM modestly called the improvement was long overdue. The matter of fact was that the sales of cars of Oldsmobile went from bad to worse. In 1985 this department of GM could realize more than 1 million vehicles, while in 2004 only 260 000.

oldsmobile super 88 1958

oldsmobile car intrigue

oldsmobile aerotech concept car


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