Plymouth Car

1967 Plymouth GTX coupe

There are many ways to speed up and improve the performance of the cars - even old models can be boosted through tweaking and installing engine tuning kits and superchargers depending on the users' model and specifications of the car. Supercharger is said to be more expensive in a way but for Plymouth car models there are tuning engine kits that can be purchased on an affordable price.

1970 Plymouth Superbird

Plymouth cars are known for their low priced muscle cars and in the 60s up till late 70s has been manufactured by Chrysler. Plymouth-Chrysler is also known for old "muscle cars" due to old models that is still use up till now and was discontinued on 2001 permanently branded as Chrysler. Plymouth has been famous with some 70s models such as Dodge, Barracuda, Super Fury and many more. Chrysler has still utilized some of the old model designs for Chrysler.

1988 Plymouth Slingshot Concept Car

Superchargers gives the best performance for your car, superchargers are incorporated as an upgrade to the engine. Superchargers are designed to boost the speed of the engine by increasing horsepower. Super charging Plymouth cars were distributed on 1928. A supercharger under Plymouth has a feature of internal expanding of hydraulic brakes and it gave Plymouth-Chrysler the edge with other competitors. Nowadays electric supercharger can be bought by bolt-on kits; usually it is less expensive due to the fact that Plymouth has older models.

2001 Plymouth Prowler

Where to find the best engine tuning kits would be to check online? What are the shops that offers complete engine tuning kits, such as tuning box? On how to find the best engine tuning kits would be to always research and do a canvass on different service and parts providers to check on the availability and review for the specifications. This kits already consists of the following: 900 Watt motor, laser cut 10 blade turbine with rigid metal, up till 5 PSI boost and more, spools at 20,000 RPMs, rubber couplers, high-flow air filter unique design, and metal securing clamps. This whole set can be bought for $179.99. For people who wanted to save and get a good deal can choose to buy bolt-on kits rather that custom.

Red Plymouth Prowler at South Square

plymouth car

plymouth cuda

plymouth cuda

plymouth fury police car route
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